Existing Construction

An energy advisor will visit your home to assess its energy performance. The on-site evaluation includes:

  • Examination of the entire building envelope including windows, doors, ceilings, walls, foundation.
  • Thorough review of mechanical systems in including heating, air conditioning, ventilation, domestic hot water and renewable energy.
  • Conduct a blower door test to measure the air changes per hour at 50 Pa.
  • Identifying major air leakage areas.
  • A depressurization test to assess the risk of combustion spillage (if necessary).
  • Energy modeling of all components to gauge your home's efficiency. Comparison with a new home built to the 2010 NBC National Building Code.
  • Providing individual recommendations for upgrades and estimating potential energy savings.
  • Awarding an ERS certified label for your home's current status.
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